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Walking exercises in the case of claudicatio intermittens

Physiotherapists René Bekker and Frank Looij coach you if you suffer from intermittent claudication (claudicatio intermittens). The veins in your legs have narrowed. In the past, almost everyone was operated on those veins or underwent arterial balloon angioplasty. Nowadays, the golden standard is that you have to walk a lot and thus “get beyond the pain” The distance you can walk without suffering pain can be increased by means of walking exercises.


Walking exercises under supervision

Walking exercises have results faster if done under supervision.  An additional advantage is that we can at the same time pay attention to altering your lifestyle. Think, for instance, of quitting smoking, eating healthy food and developing an active lifestyle.


Exploring your limits

“The pain is quite severe. But if you walk under supervision, it could change your life” René says. “People who come to us for walking exercises know how to persevere. They really have to explore their limits. We like motivating them.”

“It is not just about remedying their complaints, but also about stimulating them to move”, Frank adds. “People who can hardly get to the end of the street, after a few months can walk a lot further, with far less pain.”


A special network

Our physiotherapy practice is part of, a nationwide network of patients, physiotherapists, family doctors and vascular surgeons. Within this network, we cooperate to improve the care for people with vascular problems in their legs.