We give you all the attention!

For whom

Walking, standing, bending down: normally you don’t think about these movements. Until something starts bothering you. Often it is only then that you realize your body is an extraordinarily complex structure of muscles, bones and joints.

Every year, a staggering 2.5 million people in Holland visit a physiotherapist because they are impeded in their movements. Sports injuries, vague back pains and neck pains, complaints that have to do with the advance of age, such as arthrosis and bony decalcification (osteoporosis). Overweight, heart disease, lung disease (COPD) and diabetes are examples where specific support and advice from a physiotherapist may result in a definite improvement. We will be pleased to discuss with you what would be the best approach for you.

Our specialisations

The physiotherapists at René Bekker, practice for physiotherapy, are trained general physiotherapists. Our specialisations include:
-    manual therapy
-    sports physiotherapy
-    dance-based physiotherapy 
-    walking exercises in the case of intermittent claudication (claudicatio intermittens)
-    physiotherapy for elderly people
-    physiotherapy for back, shoulder and neck complaints
-    physiotherapy for pregnant women
-    kinesio taping
-    medical fitness and rehabilitation programmes
Further, you can follow your own sports programme. Our physiotherapists are present to give support, advice and tips.