We give you all the attention!

About us

René Bekker, physiotherapy practice

If you ask our patients to describe our practice for physiotherapy and manual therapy, they will use words such as professional, thorough, personal, warm and friendly. That is exactly what we want to be.

Attention and time

Our small and close-knit team consists of René Bekker, Paulien Buijsman and Frank Looij.) We take the time to thoroughly analyse your complaints. If the analysis is clear, we decide together with you how to approach your complaints: what can you do, what can we do together, and how long will it take?

A great deal of expertise

Our practice was set up over 25 years ago. We combine a lot of experience, and regularly attend extra courses to remain up to date. One of our special fields is that of back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain.

Feeling at home

We want you to feel at home with us. Ours is not a sterile place: we chose warm colours. After their treatment, people often stay a bit longer and have a cup of coffee. They meet each other, have a chat, or come to us together for their training. We offer you good care close to your home.