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Frank Looij

Physiotherapist and sports physiotherapist

“We set a goal that we both feel happy with.”

As a child I was an active athlete, and when I went to my physiotherapist he told me lots of exciting and interesting stories. It was my dream to be able to work like that with young, active people with minor sports-related complaints. That dream has changed a great deal: I now work with people of all ages and with many different problems, both minor and major. That diversity makes my work all the more interesting, although my love of sports has remained. I try to get as much exercise as possible.

Feeling fine with the goal set

Together with the patient, I determine the goal of the treatment. We both have to feel good with the goal set. There is always something to be achieved, both for people with a relatively minor and simple problem and for people with complex complaints. For people with Parkinson's disease, for instance, the goal is not complete recovery, but being able to continue doing as many as possible of the daily tasks.

We see a lot

I chose sports physiotherapy because I wanted to get a better insight into the problems of sportsmen and sportswomen. Through our patients, we come into contact with a great variety of complaints and injuries. For instance, I see many runners. I can see when the Dam to Dam race is about to take place or has just been. Or when the football season starts, when they have their winter break, or when it is hockey season.

Back on the field fast

Sports people want to be back on the field or in the sports hall as soon as possible. That makes it a challenge, the time pressure is greater. Sports people have to be slowed down regularly. I try to make them see that it makes sense to accept my advice.


I am a quiet person, and I am good at listening and explaining. Sometimes I have to be firm. I try to avoid that by making the patient understand what is the best approach and why.

Good cooperation

It is nice to work in a small practice. We have the same views as regards our work, and we complement each other. We all three have the same aim: together with the patient to clearly analyse the problem and then to start working on it as actively as possible.


Specialist knowledge of:

general physiotherapy

sports physiotherapy

walking exercises for intermittent claudication (claudicatio intermittens)

kinesio taping

physiotherapy for shoulder complaints

physiotherapy for elderly people