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Kinesio taping

You may have noticed that at major sports events such as the Olympic Games, more and more  sports people wear vividly coloured tape. The popularity of this Kinesio Tape is increasing. Top sports people such as David Beckham, Serena Williams and Novac Djokovic use it.

Our physiotherapist Frank Looij knows a lot about Kinesio taping. The way the tape is applied influences the muscle tension. Taping may be part of thetreatment, for instance when someone comes to us with high tension in the neck or shoulders. It works as a support.


We use Kinesio Tape for instance:

  • to reduce pain
  • to reduce swelling
  • to improve posture
  • to improve functionality
  • to enable people to resume work or activities faster
  • to improve blood circulation and lymphatic circulation.