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Paulien Buijsman

Physiotherapist and manual therapist


“I find it important to give people an insight into their bodies”


I wanted to become a dancer and choreographer, but I had to stop my education at the Dance Academy in Arnhem because I incurred too many injuries. A short training period took me to the Physiotherapy Department of the VU medical centre in Amsterdam and I loved it. Physotherapy has everything to do with movement, with anatomy and with medical knowledge, and I find it fascinating to analyse the movements of people who come to us with their complaints.


Manual therapy

After my training as a physiotherapist I studied manual therapy. This greatly increased my knowledge of the spine and the joints. I am curious about the working of the nervous system, that controls all the body functions. I now have more techniques to treat people and to remove blockages.


Taking away worries

The treatment is always a matter of teamwork between the patient and myself. I give information and advice, I treat people and carefully explain why something is necessary. But the patient has to follow up on this. I find it very important that people have an insight into how their body works. That in itself is a help: it enables me to take away worries.



When I touch people in the course of their treatment, it gives them a feeling of trust. This may induce people to tell me a great deal. That is how we achieve a bond. People tell me a great deal. That is a very pleasant aspect of my work, and it increases my insight.


Adapting movements


I often treat dancers. I know from my own experience under what circumstances they have to perform and what injuries they can get. We look at the way they move and if necessary I suggest adaptations, so that they can continue training in a responsible way.


Attention for pregnant women

I also have experience treating pregnant women. I attended a variety of courses, including several at the Spine and Joint Centre in Rotterdam. This enables me to coach and treat women with problems relating to their pregnancy.


Specialist knowledge of:

- general physiotherapy

- manual therapy

dance-based physiotherapy

physiotherapy during or after pregnancy

physiotherapy for shoulder complaints