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Physiotherapy during or after pregnancy

During pregnancy you will experience strong hormonal changes. Your pelvic joints will become more flexible. This is necessary because during delivery your birth canal has to be able to expand. Your pelvis may get out of balance. This causes pain, and interferes with making movements like walking, sitting or standing for longer periods, getting up and turning over in bed.


Pelvic balance

We can help you to regain proper use of your bones, tendons and muscles, so that the pain disappears. If your posture is correct and your daily movements are carried out correctly, your pelvis will remain in balance.


Insight reduces pain

Physiotherapist Pauline Buijsman likes working with pregnant women. They are happy because they are having a baby, but at the same time they are hampered by pain. I teach them how to deal with their complaints in their day-to-day lives. That makes a huge difference. I also give them specific exercises to do and they can cope with their pregnancies.


A good relationship

Pauline: “I get many announcements that a baby has been born. Sometimes, the complaints start early during the pregnancy, so we develop a good relationship. Unfortunately the complaints often return during a subsequent pregnancy, so we see each other again.”