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Manual therapy

We specialise in manual therapy. After our training as physiotherapists, we also trained as manual therapists.  

Looking at the spine

Manual therapy mainly concerns the examination and treatment of patients with problems with their spine and the joints of their arms and legs. Manual therapy may help in the case of complaints that involve pain and reduced mobility of joints. The effect of manual therapy is often noticeable immediately after the treatment: your joints function better and your general mobility has improved.


When manual therapy?

We use manual therapy for the treatment of:

  •  head, neck and shoulder problems with pain radiating to the arms
  •  high back problems with pain in the ribs and the chest
  •  arthrosis of the hip
  •  lower back problems, with or without pain radiating to the legs
  • certain types of dizziness caused by moving the neck
  • jaw problems, with or without neck pain.


Joints may also be hypermobile. This may lead to instability, which in turn may cause pain. By giving you specific training advice, we can teach you to stabilise your joints by strengthening your muscles.


A better diagnosis

“Manual therapy is a tremendous help to arrive at a proper diagnosis”, René Bekker says. “Thanks to the extra training we did after our training  as physiotherapists, we know much more about our locomotor system. How can we influence and train that? We can give people more specific advice and move together with them.