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Dance-based physiotherapy

Physiotherapist Paulien Buijsman has a strong affinity with dance, and can use dance as part of her physiotherapy. You do not have to learn to dance, but by making dance movements, it may become easier to do your exercises.


Pleasure in exercising

In dance-based physiotherapy (based on the Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis) we use elements of dance such as rhythm and space. This improves your awareness of your body and your coordination. Movements are easier to make by adding dance elements, and dull practice becomes a pleasant experience.


Flowing movements

Paulien: “I use dance-based physiotherapy for instance with people who have Parkinson's disease. They can be locked in their bodies, but when they hear music they can suddenly make flowing movements again. Or I use it with people with chronic pain, who also cannot move freely. By making dance movements, they regain pleasure in the exercises.”