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Physiotherapy for the elderly

Our average age is increasing. Moreover,we keep demanding a higher quality of life. We want to lead an active life for as long as possible, and remain as independent as possible.


Complaints and ailments

Elderly people often complain about wear and tear of the joints and decalcification of the skeleton (osteoporosis). They often at the same time have other ailments, such as diabetes, heart disease and vascular disease and complaints involving other organs. Elderly people also often have neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, or a cerebro-vascular incident.


Specific treatment

Every disease due to old age requires specific treatment. We have been treating seniors for years, in  professional and pleasant surroundings.


Building trust

Physiotherapist Frank also visits centres for the elderly to help people remain able to do their daily activities. For instance, he gives physiotherapy in De Uylenburg, a centre for the elderly in Amsterdam. The people who live there are often highly motivated, because they do not want their ailments to get worse. I show them what they can do,  and they want to work for it.

There sometimes is an age difference of fifty years between Frank and the elderly. But they see him as the physiotherapist who knows what is good for them. It is very important to build trust. Without trust, the possibility of recovery is much smaller.